Collection: Greenroots Juicery

At Greenroots Juicery we believe in going back to our roots with delicious, cold-pressed, organic, juices and elixirs!

Being all the best things isn’t easy, it can prove a difficult route. But it sure is satisfying knowing we are helping create a wellness revolution.  We are doing so by providing you with the most honest, transparent and quality products.

All our juices are cold-pressed using ancient age-old techniques to create raw revitalizing juices. Our cold-pressing process extracts the living enzymes, vitamins, and minerals from fruit, vegetables and nuts to produce the smoothest, most delicious and healthy juice you’ll ever taste.

We place a big importance on choosing organic produce. Why go to all the effort of creating a healthy juice cleanse if you’re going to include toxin laden produce? Organic juice cleanses your body in the most pure form. So we support certified organic growers in a collaborative mission to produce the most genuine raw juices. This means our juices are free of unwanted chemicals, helping you to be too.

Our fresh produce is bought from local New Zealand growers. Greenroots Juicery is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, where we are lucky to have year-round supply of leafy greens and root vegetables grown in mineral rich soil at the base of the Southern Alps. This means our juice is pressed from the freshest seasonal produce around. This both reduces our environmental impact and supports local communities.

We want to make you feel good, better and beyond. We do this by creating happy bodies, minds, and souls with ingredients that promote longevity. We're also sustainable by looking after the people, animals and environment.

Our promise is to always keep your best health in mind and heart. By providing you with the most awesome new and exciting products. Join us on our journey to health, try one of our juice cleanse programs!