Collection: Spicecraft

Hi, I'm Richard Killoh, creator of Spicecraft, together with my wife Katrina, we have created some of the most amazing spice blends you will ever try. Utilising my 20+ years as a professional chef, our travels and passion for all things food, our range of blends have a complexity and uniqueness that you just won't get from main stream products. They are seasonings that you will find yourself using everyday, with the knowledge that there are no artificial colours or flavours.

We source the very best of both local and international ingredients, and our salt is Marlborough sea salt from the top of the South Island. Every spice and herb that we use has been personally inspected, before being blended and hand-packed at our Christchurch facility. Being a family business, we produce, design and package everything ourselves, with Richard overseeing production and Katrina taking care of packaging and distribution. 

In 2012 we started selling our seasonings at markets and fairs around Canterbury, from day one the response was amazing, people were loving it. Our Original Salt Rocks blend was a real winner, it was like selling * taste and that was it......we had a customer for life! Suffice to say we haven't changed our recipe since that very first day. 

Our range of rubs has been equally well received, with chefs and BBQ lovers alike seeking us out, keen to try another of our blends. We have hot, we have mild, and right in the middle we have our signature blend ‘Crackin' Kiwi’- featuring smoked paprika, mustard and horopito. This is truly the most versatile seasoning ever, from American style BBQ brisket, pulled pork, beef burgers, mac n' cheese, spicy wedges to spicy wings, our Crackin' Kiwi Rub adds a level of flavour that is exciting and truly delicious, and if you happen to be looking for vegetarian meat rubs - we've got you covered, all our seasonings are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and nut free.

We both love talking food, and on weekends you will often find us at our local markets, selling our salts and rubs, so stop by for a chat and a taste, and see for yourself why Spicecraft products inspire such loyal and creative customers. 

Our products are available at markets, trade shows, fairs, and from selected foodie stores nationwide. So stock up your pantry with beautiful flavours and aromas and freshen up your dinner menu with Spicecraft, you won't look back.

* I have never actually sold heroin!