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Ti Ani - Wild & Organic Tea

Tī Oranga - Wellness Tea

Tī Oranga - Wellness Tea

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Tī Oranga - our latest Wellness Blend. 

This harmonious elixir combines nature's finest herbal plants, including Mānuka leaf, Kawakawa leaf, Peppermint leaf, Lemongrass, Lemon Balm leaf, and Ginger Root. It offers a soothing escape from life's hustle while promoting inner harmony and vitality.

Taste: Initially subtle, the flavour unfolds into a symphony of herbs working in harmony. Each nutrient-rich plant offers a complex and deeply satisfying taste. Created with wellness in mind, this blend contains no additives, sugar, or caffeine. 

Mānuka Leaves: Known for their antimicrobial properties, Manuka leaves may help support the immune system and aid in fighting off infections. They also contain antioxidants, which can help reduce oxidative stress in the body.

Peppermint Leaves: Peppermint is commonly used to aid digestion and relieve gastrointestinal discomfort, such as bloating and indigestion. It also has a refreshing flavour and aroma that can uplift mood and ease stress.

Lemongrass: Lemongrass is rich in antioxidants and may help reduce inflammation in the body. It is also known to support digestion and promote healthy skin.

Kawakawa Leaves: Kawakawa is traditionally used in Māori herbal medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties. It may help soothe digestive issues, alleviate pain, and support overall well-being.

Lemon Balm: Lemon balm is often used to promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. It may also aid in improving sleep quality and supporting cognitive function.

Ginger Root: Ginger is well-known for its anti-nausea and digestive properties. It can help alleviate nausea, reduce inflammation, and support digestive health.


Warnings: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illnesses. It is important to consult with your healthcare professional before consuming any herbal products if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or currently taking medication.

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